Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Autumn Trace HOA?

  • An association of all home owners in the community, who's primary objectives are to maintain the aesthetics of the community by upholding our covenants, maintain the appearance and functionality of the clubhouse & pool amenities, upkeep of our common spaces and water drainage management. This is funded by the dues paid by each homeowner in the community.

What is the role of HOA Community Management in Autumn Trace?

  • HOA Community Management is a property management company that is hired by the HOA of Autumn Trace to assist in running our daily operations. They manage our finances, assist in developing an annual budget, gather price quotes for contract workers such as pool, landscaping, and common area tree management, among other things. They also print and mail community wide communications to members and also monitor the neighborhood to enforce common deed restriction violations.

What do I do if I want to make a material change to my property or landscaping?

How do I reserve the clubhouse for an event or party?

When are our neighborhood or community wide yard sales or garage sales?

  • We hold four community wide yard sales throughout the year.

    • Our spring yard sales are held on the 3rd and 4th Saturday of April

    • Our fall yard sales are held on the last Saturday in September and first Saturday in October

How do I get a pool key card replacement or who do I contact if I have trouble with my pool key card?

How much is a replacement pool key card?

  • There is a $25 fee to replace a key card.

May I request an extra pool key card?

  • Each family is allowed one pool key card.

What Service providers service our neighborhood?

What day of the week is garbage collection?

  • Garbage collection is on Tuesday except when a holiday occurs during the week. If there is a holiday during the week, our collection day will be on Wednesday. More info is available on the City of Simpsonville website

Mailbox Info

Paint Colors

  • Sherwin Williams Exterior satin or semi-gloss

    • Gray Post: Dorian Gray SW7017

      • Streets:

        • Kingsmoor Dr

        • Amesbury Dr

        • Tamora Ct

        • Trebor Ct

        • 1-200 Saybrook Dr

    • Brown Post: Sable SW6083

      • Streets

        • 203-305 Saybrook Dr

        • Adeline Ct

        • Springleaf Ct.

        • Farmbrook Way

        • Plum Orchard Ct

        • Maurice Ln

        • Blant Ct

Mailbox Post replacements

    • Elite Signs can replace both the Brown mailbox post or the Gray Mailbox post with the newspaper slot.

Elite Signs2573 E Phillips RdGreer, SC 29650(864) 801-0022

Mailbox replacement

    • Mailboxes should be metal, and painted black.

    • Medium is the standard size for the community. Typically averaging 8.5" H x 6.5" W x 19" D

    • A search for Gibraltar Mailbox Classic Medium should return several suitable options.

Where can home owners park cars?

  • Per our Community covenants, vehicles should be parked in Garage and Driveway spaces, every home in this community has at least 4 spaces for vehicles. Some have more spaces due to a longer or widened driveway.

  • There are 8 spaces in the clubhouse parking lot that are allowed to be used for short term overflow parking. These spaces should be used for no more than 7 days. The rest of the clubhouse parking spaces are for pool and clubhouse amenity use only.

  • If you need to report illegal street parking, contact the Simpsonville codes enforcement at 864-967-9526

  • Simpsonville City Ordinances can be found here -

What special committees do we have in Autumn Trace and how can I participate?

  • ARC - The Architectural Review Committee, reviews request from neighbors in the community to make material changes to their homes, and either approve or reject requested changes.

    • Per the covenants the ARC's purpose is " maintain a high quality residential development, to assure that all houses and other structures are of appropriate size, harmonious in design, properly located in relationship to neighboring structures and adapted to the terrain of each Lot."

  • Social Committee - The purpose of this committee is to plan social events to bring the community together. Cookouts, fire pit nights and pool party's have been held in the past.

  • If you are interested in joining one of the committees please email the board at

How do I report a covenant or deed restriction violation?

How do I report an issue with a common area in the community?